LNUSC Intramural Soccer Program

The philosophy

of our club is soccer should be FUN! This is particularly true for our intramural program where the main objective is to provide a fun, safe, and positive environment for the boys and girls while they begin to learn and enjoy the game of soccer.

Some key points of our club’s intramural philosophy:

  • Let the game be the teacher.
  • At the youth level ball skills, enjoyment and experimentation within the game are key for a player’s development.
  • Basic motor skills are often lacking, but will improve through regular and free play.
  • Learning is done through a process of trial and error.
  • Games and activities are utilized that maximize player interest, involvement, player touches and are geared toward achieving success.
  • It is learning by discovery. Coaches are facilitators. Play may be coach directed, but not coach centered.
  • As the children get older (10 and up) more emphasis can be put on coaching, tactics, positions, and style of play.
  • While game results or standings are not kept, competition is a key ingredient as it does energize players and prepares them for realistic game situations.

LNUSC offers an intramural soccer program for children from Under-4 through Under-19. There are three primary intramural seasons – Fall, Winter Indoor, and Spring.

The Fall season typically runs from the middle of August through the middle of November. The Winter season runs from January through mid March.  The Spring season runs from the end of March to the beginning of June.