LNUSC Travel Program

The LNUSC travel program is designed to be a competitive soccer program with teams playing in a variety of travel leagues throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as competitive tournament play. Teams are formed by selecting players at open tryouts each spring. The players on travel teams range in age from 8 to 18.

Travel soccer teams involve a full year commitment with the primary season in the fall. Many teams practice and play throughout the summer, fall and spring, with teams practicing indoors during the winter. Weekend tournaments, outdoor and indoor, are part of team and player development. In the fall, the boys and girls teams play in the Inter-County Soccer League (ICSL) ,and EDP Leagues.  With games primarily in the Chester, Montgomery Philadelphia, and Bucks County area, and NJ for some EDP Leagues.

Player fees are derived from a budget prepared for each team. Travel parents are encouraged to understand the annual team budget before making the full year commitment. Teams may have different costs due to tournament play and league fees. Player costs can differ from team to team depending on the age group, number of players on the team, number of tournaments, and team fund raising.

Volunteering is part of belonging to LNUSC. Plan now to become involved on the committees established by the Board of Directors, help with periodic field maintenance, and/or functional roles in the administrative management (e.g., travel coordinator, financial manager, team manager, team Club contact, etc.) of the team on which your child has been selected.