Welcome to the Referee/Officials corner for LNUSC

PLEASE READ the updated rulesfor specific age groups

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Please adhere to the LNUSC Referee DRESS CODE and Risk Management Guidelines.

Our Officials are reviewed by the LNUSC Board and possess valid EPSARC (USSF/preferred), PIAA certification, or have demonstrated proven experience that satisfied the needs of the club to officiate LNUSC Games at their appropriate levels.

Referee’s need to be at the field at least 15 minutes (30 preferred) prior to their games to check the field conditions, nets, and players prior to game start. Bring your Game Card to the registration table or snack stand for payment after completing your officiating duties.  If the snack stand is closed or not available, contact the refere coordinator for alternative payment methods (pick-up in person, check via us-postal mail, paypal).

Everyone should be familiar with USSF Laws of th Game.  Visit USSoccer.info sponsored "Laws of the Game" referee training videos for more information and downloads.

For our Spring and Fall registered referees, don’t forget:

  • The primary focus is player safety and to ensure the kids have fun while playing the game the proper way.
  • Adhere to the LNUSC Referee Dress Code
  • Bring your whistle, timer/clock, line flags, markers and game cards
  • Know the game you are to be officiating (laws and rules), respective field(s) and time(s) - verify with the home coach if needed.  This includes neighboring clubs (i.e. JIL/MAA).
  • Wear an approved LNUSC Referee colored shirt that is different than the players (Dress Code)
  • YOU are in control of the game (not the players, coaches or parents)
  • YOUR decision is the one that counts, YOU own the field
  • Check players for: Proper equipment (5 S’s - shirt, shorts, socks, shins, shoes); No Jewelry; No metal.
  • Check the Facility: game ball for proper size and inflation, Field and Nets are safe and in decent condition.
  • Check the Field for hazzards prior to the game; address if any are found and report if warranted to Field and/or Referee Coordinators
  • Follow the proper process for submitting scores (if applicable), receiving payment, and if warranted email the score of the games and any other information to the referee coordinator
  • If ANY coach, parent, or player becomes an issue, or if you need to report special circumstances, fill out an LNUSC Incident Report and contact either the referee coordinator or LNUSC President.  See link on left.
  • Please adhere to the Risk Management guidelines, and make sure we follow the Lightning Policy.

To sign-up for an open game, refer to the schedule and please contact (phone/email) the Referee Coordinator with the following infomration:

  • Game #/ID (if known based on schedule)
  • Date and Time of game
  • Which LNUSC Field /Location
  • Home Team name
  • NOTE: you are not signed up unless confirmed

LNUSC gives preference to those who are directly involved within our club.  We manage our assignments different from others in that our club asks for preference, and does our best to accommodate. Other leagues/clubs assign and do not ask for preference, nor do they offer fair assignment at times. The schedule is first reply, first scheduled, pending previous arrangements and priority for previous season involvement.  If for some reason you cannot meet your obligation, we require at least 72 hours advanced notice so we can attempt to find a replacement official. We have a 1-strike rule that doesn’t allow for less than 72 hour notice unless it is a result of an emergency.

We do get cancellations, rain-outs (makeups), and requests scrimmages (and not just from our club). For rain-outs, those who were initially assigned get preference. Our Board and club coaches have access to an Official on-call list that has certified officials who can be contacted for missing referees or emergency situations on game day.

 Other referee links and information


Interested in becomming a certified EPSA Referee?   LNUSC <tentatively> hosting a class starting January, 2018

Please ntoe, there is no class for January 2017, this has been cancelled.  To see more classes available from EPSARC, click here

LNUSC is planning to hosted another Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association - Level Grade 8 Training through EPSARC.  Our course is to held from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM at Maple Point Middle School(2250 Langhorne Yardley Road) from Wednesday through Friday ,1/18/2017 through 1/20/2017 AND Wednesday 1/25/2017 through Thursday 1/26/2017.  This equates to 5 classes of 3 hours for a total of 15 hours, which is required to complete the course.

All students enrolled in the Grade 8 Entry Level Class must go online and complete 6 Laws (1 through 4, 7, and 8).  Once you have confirmed registration with the coordinator, you will receive instructions for accessing the site and entering information that gives you credit for the online class and certificates.  Prospective Student should Click here to follow the Grade 8 - Entry Level Class Checklist

Additional courses and dates are determined when there is enough demand within our club and community. Referee Grade 8 is the "traditional" starting point for most referees. Please contact the LNUSC referee coordinator for more information.